Consciously Resting Meditation™  is beneficial in a variety of situations.

From business leaders and their teams who need stress reduction and balance, to faculty and their students who need clarity of mind and focus, all can benefit by learning this simple technique.


Stress contributes significantly to decreased productivity and focus. Consciously Resting Meditation is a simple technique practiced sitting quietly with eyes closed that allows the mind to refresh and the body to rejuvenate.

“Wherever there is human thought, Consciously Resting Meditation will be useful.” 

– Dr. Kofi Kondwani 

Benefits of Consciously Resting Meditation

  • Breathing slows down
  • Being more relaxed
  • Blood pressure is reduced
  • Fewer headaches
  • The mind settling down
  • Feelings of calmness
  • Feelings of quietness
  • Less anxiety
  • Feeling less stressed
  • Better sleep quality
  • A clearer mind
  • Waking up more refreshed
  • Less tired during the day
  • More effective at work
  • Better listener


Corporate Client

``I leave home early and return late in the evening. I start each morning with CRM and use it periodically during the day to rejuvenate. I look forward to those daily mental breaks.”

Corporate Client

``Before learning CRM, I use to take a long time to go to sleep. When I did fall asleep, it was restless sleep with lots of interruptions thinking and dreaming about my work. Now, I fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly.”

Corporate Client

``At the basis of my work is creativity. Since I began CRM, I can get quieter and create from that deep silence. I am happier with what I produce and it’s easier and more fun to do.”

College Student

“After doing the CRM practice, I was much calmer and a lot more relaxed… That is not something college students normally get. It is usually just constant thoughts running around about what is due and when is the next test, but during CRM practice, it is just peace.”

College Student

“I stay up late at night to study, so I haven’t given my body the rest that it needs. When I start my day off with meditation, I feel a bit more focused. I am happy that I learned CRM.”

College Student

“Being a student-athlete is incredibly overwhelming, exhausting and stressful. It is very difficult to create time for myself to be able to relax… After CRM, I feel refreshed. It helps relieve mental, and physical stress.”